The sinking ship


It’s not out of business yet. They are looking for younger/cheaper employees. The office location is great for commuting. It’s not hard to shine if you try hard. The coffee shop across the street is great.


The company is doing badly and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. If you are thinking about working here, do it as a temp gig. HR is busy getting rid of staff left and right. Expect to be doing the job of 5 people while barely making what you should. The company is a mish mash of fiefdoms that dislike and distrust each other. The staff and the projects they work on suffer from this. Because of this the compa… Show More

Advice to Management

Get your department heads in line. Stop gutting your talent and start getting rid of your toxic partners that are the reason you are failing. The company is rotting from the head. “That’s how we have always done it.” Is the common response when you ask why something is being done in a way everyone knows is slow or outright wrong. Employees aren’t valued. They office is falling apart with broken equipment, filthy bathrooms, bad lighting, out of date programs, and a staff that has all but given up and are more focused on keeping their jobs or finding a new one than providing quality service to the clients. There is no real model for project management. Instead Hazen and Sawyer is about crisis management, doing what absolutely needs to be done now and putting off everything else for later. Expect everything to be a rush because the people in charge don’t understand how to manage their own time. Reminding your supervisors of important events is normal.

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